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Call Centers

MyCalls Call Centre integrates with the NEC SV8100's powerful inbuilt ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system.

Supervisors use intuitive controls, real-time visual cues and management information that are required to sustain high levels of call-handling efficiency and customer call service.

ACD manages multiple queues on the telephone system to distribute calls evenly, using a set of logical rules to ensure that no individual is overloaded while others are idle, and that calls are routed to agents with the most relevant skills.

Activity display

The MyCalls supervisor screen display gives a detailed real-time view not just of agent activity but also about key service parameters like numbers of callers in queue and call waiting times.

To ensure service levels are maintained supervisors can log additional agents into ACD queues from their own teams or from other departments, which offer similar skill-sets. This is all arranged simply and quickly from the supervisor’s MyCalls desktop.

Additional alarms are provided to help manage ACD activity efficiently, for example An aerial view of agent activity is ideal for supervisors and can be displayed on a plasma screen.

Key Benefits

  • Increase Capability - Full call centre functionality built around NEC ACD technology enhances customer experience.
  • Raise Service Standards - Improved management control reduces caller delays in queues & delivers calls to those best able to help.
  • Maximise Agent Productivity - Managers have real-time information and activity reports essential to agent performance and training. Performance management and skills training are enhanced by the detailed activity reports that are generated by MyCalls in conjunction with call recordings made using MyCalls Call Recorder. queue overflow warnings or maximum times that agents may remain in a given state, e.g., after call activities (often referred to as ‘wrap up’). Supervisors are also able to select and configure performance statistics that can appear on the screens of their agents or on plasma wallboards to drive the achievement of agreed service standards.

Agent Desktop Control

Agent Desktop Control has two key features. It provides the essential information for supervisors to maintain call-handling service levels, and it empowers agents with greater flexibility to deal with call traffic.

Using the Agent Control Toolbar installed on the PC desktop, agents log in and out of ACD queues and view their current status.

Because call centre status is visible on screen and/or via wallboards on a plasma display, agents can often enter other queues on their own initiative to lend support to hard pressed colleagues.

Agent Status

Status conditions such as Available, Wrap Up (tasks to complete after call activity), Comfort Break or other reasons specified by the business can be selected and set using the toolbar software.

Supervisors can add other reasons and Agent status conditions specific to their business, for example, some agents may be required to spend time picking parts to fulfil orders they have taken earlier. This flexibility helps a team work with greater efficiency, especially where staff resources are limited.

Because the different work states are always specified in real time, it enables supervisors to maintain more effective control over service levels and to run extremely accurate reports on agent activity.

Recording Telephone Calls

Call recording is used by an increasing number of organisations because of its value in resolving commercial disputes, in training and refining call-handling skills or, for some, because it is a legal requirement.

A recent change in FSA requirements means many companies are now obliged to record all client related telephone calls.

Thankfully, MyCalls Call Recorder is a highly cost effective solution which can record inbound and outbound calls.

It is simple to set the rules and permissions required to enable different organisational levels of access to view and playback calls.

Recorded calls are easy to locate, either from the daily call log or using a quick search facility that filters calls by, for example, number, extension, date, etc.

Recorded calls are easy to export and e-mail as .mp3 or .wav files. These are encrypted to ensure they are tamper proof. Calls can be archived to disc or other storage devices and for added security they can only be replayed on MyCalls Call Recorder when they are recovered.
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