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As an innovator of technology services for more than forty years, Atkal Communications Inc. has protected Los Angeles businesses with advanced security products. One of the best ways for us to keep your assets, employees, and customers safe is with our advanced surveillance systems. We apply hi-tech solutions to loss avoidance and injury prevention.

Atkal starts protecting you right away by designing the locations of the security cameras on the protected property. This stage assures that the employees and managers reviewing footage have perfect line of sight throughout the business. That way, you discover and combat worker’s compensation fraud and employee theft as easily as any external threats. Camera installation promptly follows. Atkal also maintains and repairs all equipment regularly, preserving the sterling quality of the system throughout its life cycle. Moreover, we back up all our security products with 24/7 emergency service, ensuring that your surveillance system overcomes any unexpected events.

Which businesses benefit from an Atkal surveillance system? All of them do. Schools trust us with the wellbeing of their students and teachers. Hotels rely on us for quality guest experiences. Call centers know their employees are safe because of us. Every company has something and someone to protect, regardless of their industry, location, or structure. Atkal is that protection. For as long as criminals think they can ruin your operations, we make sure they don’t.

Atkal surveillance systems protect other critically valuable locations, including the homes of some of our clients. If you spare no expense in defending your private property, then you want and demand a superior security service. Our systems are more than worth the personal investment. You can’t go wrong when you trust your security to Atkal.

Dependable Surveillance Camera Options

Every top-notch system Atkal Communications Inc. provides begins with a reliable surveillance camera. Our cameras utilize the designs of Digital Watchdog®, one of our most trusted tech partners, to guarantee crystal-clear recordings.

DW® is an established veteran of the security industry, with experience providing localized and international surveillance hardware and software. Twelve of the top 20 global brands entrust their site security and asset management to them, and we couldn’t have picked a better partner for protecting our own clients. Not only do the cameras capture high-definition videos for precise review at any time, but the enclosures exceed all of DW’s durability and stress test standards. No environmental or situational conditions get in the way of security system performance. By combining DW’s equipment with our commitment to five-star service, Atkal provides outstanding protection for all clients.

You might trust anyone with your business safety needs, or you can trust the best. Atkal Communications Inc. protects your staff and assets with our superior security systems. Don’t delay the protection of your business. Don’t settle for a less-robust solution. Call or email our team today to satisfactorily resolve your corporate security goals.

Protecting your business should be one of your highest priorities. Atkal Communications Inc, located in Los Angeles, CA, can help you choose the best surveillance cameras and surveillance camera systems to keep your property safe.

There’s more to security than just keeping an eye on your premises. We understand that, and we want to help you choose cameras and locations that will catch anything that could happen. Clear recordings in strategic locations could mean a world of difference when it comes to security.

We’ll Help You Choose a Surveillance System

Choosing your cameras for your surveillance system is a critical step. You may be interested in clear recordings from cameras placed in obvious locations, or you may be looking for real-time footage from cameras that are subtly tucked away. No matter your needs, Atkal Communications Inc can help you choose the best cameras for your situation.

We partner with the best manufacturers to make sure that you have every option available to you. If you are not sure what you’d like your surveillance system to look like or are not ready to decide on how extensive you want it to be, you can visit our showroom and check out all the products we can offer. This can help you decide between different models and looks, so you know that you’re setting up a curated security system.

We’ll Help Your Surveillance System Protect Your Premises

Your security system can do more than just keep an ever-watchful eye on things. We can also offer you emergency services that work in tandem with your surveillance system so that you can shift your focus to the day-to-day items that help your business succeed. This kind of support will ensure that your premises and employees are always safe and you can conduct business as usual.

Whether you need to protect your business from robbery or false workers compensation claims, Atkal Communications Inc has the best cameras for you. Contact us today and ask for an online quote.

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